Mark Harrison

'one of the British Isles' great blues singers and guitarists …. totally and absolutely original' '
(Mike Harding)

'Mark Harrison has been creating something of a stir ... bringing a modern outlook to a traditional style, he is building a loyal and wide fan base'
(Blues Matters)

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Mark Harrison's unique songs are attracting a lot of attention and he has established a growing reputation for the individuality of his music. He takes elements of blues and folk, adding his own twist to produce something totally original. His music, with its memorable tunes and strong and compelling rhythms, has been going down very well with audiences of all kinds and ages.

'one of the top blues men in the UK with a big following and rightly so'
(Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales)

'wonderful rootsy blues ... innovative'
(Jazz FM)

Mark is doing something fresh and different, tapping into the timeless quality of the early blues to produce music totally relevant to the present day. His highly distinctive songs cover a wide range of non-standard topics. They all have something to say or a story to tell. They'll make you move, make you think, make you smile.

mark harrison

'singular lyrics original take on song writing'
(Blues in Britain)

'while all the songs feel as though they could be rooted in the past they are contemporary and spark of truth'
(Music News)

'really excellent … he takes very real things, normal things that happen in life, and he writes about them in a way that makes you think afresh about them'
(Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2)

Mark is a thrilling, rhythmic finger-picker and slide player, with a very distinctive style and sound. He plays a 1934 National resonator guitar and a 12-string well as singing. He has been described as 'one of the UK's foremost acoustic blues performers'.

'his delicate fingerpicking and slide work is a joy'
(The Blues Magazine)

'Harrison's got a fine style on that resonator guitar ... he's certainly got the licks to count.'
(HiFi Plus magazine)


The Albums

Mark's three albums, The World Outside, Crooked Smile and Watching The Parade, have been unanimously acclaimed across a wide range of areas of the music world, fantastic reviews in a large number of well-regarded print and online media in the UK, the US and Europe, and airplay on a very large number of radio shows in the UK (including BBC) and around the world.

'rich and charming songs …. gasp-inducing virtuosity …. superb ideas'
(Classic Rock The Blues)

'combining early acoustic blues and folk influences with a very modern lyrical perspective and a contagious energy and good humour to create something new and highly enjoyable'
(American Blues Scene)

One of Mark's songs, Honeyboy, was nominated for Best Original Song in the British Blues Awards for 2013 and he and band members received a further 5 nominations in 2014.

'a master singer, songwriter and guitarist who really should be a household name'
(American Roots UK)

'his curiously timeless songs remain steeped in the spirit of the Mississippi blues'
(Messenger Newspapers)

Mark's albums feature entirely original songs on all manner of subjects, and top quality production and musicianship. In addition, they include lyrics booklets and stunning and much-acclaimed artwork by WeareFrank. They are produced by Charles Benfield and engineered by award-winning producer Sonny Simpson, who ensure that the music is presented in the most authentic way.

'This sumptuously packaged album'
(Blues in Britain)

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Live performances

mark harrison

Based in London, Mark does regular gigs both there and all over the UK, at festivals, arts centres and a wide variety of other very good venues.

Festival appearances include Jazz FM Love Supreme Festival, and top folk and blues festivals such as Purbeck Folk festival, Maryport Blues Festival, Leigh Folk Festival and Ealing Blues Festival (the biggest blues event in the UK).

'With his gifted finger-picking and slide guitar techniques, Harrison has developed a distinctive style, supported by a group of versatile musicians'
(R2 magazine)

'it's easy to see why Mark's music has been so popular with audiences of different persuasions, not just blues fans'

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Mark has been featured with interviews and articles in a number of influential magazines, including R2 magazine, Blues in Britain, Spiral Earth and Blues Matters.

'unafraid to take risks when it comes to creating his personal take on blues and folk music'
(R2 magazine)

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A film of Mark's song Panic Attack was recently made by a director who works for Ridley Scott's organisation - this film was showcased at the Cannes Film Festival 2014, where it got a great reception.


Radio sessions have included one-hour special guest appearances on Jazz FM's Blues and Boogie show and sessions for many other well-respected shows.

The Band


Mark plays in various line-ups. His top-class band consists of some of the UK's most highly regarded roots musicians and together they make a unique sound. With a very flexible set-up, he performs as solo, duo, trio, quartet, 5-piece and 6-piece with any or all of:

'he has inspired a great band of young musicians and displays the right mix of tradition, creativity and musical excellence'
(The Blues Hour)

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Mark and the band are very much going places and fast acquiring a reputation for the originality of the songs and the unique nature of their sound.

On The Chicken Sandwich Train Live
The World Outside
Crooked Smile
Watching the Parade